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About us

YATTICH is a global tool brand and newly tools brand in the international market. We focus on producing and selling high-quality tools. Our tools products includes: home improvement tools, electric DIY sanding tools, etc. We can be described as a "challenger" in an saturated market with our innovative products and creative approach to the market. We like to surprise the market time and time again. We strive to earn every business by rein-forcing our core principles of reliability, commitment, innovation, and technology. We sincerely appreciate your business and invite you to continue journey with us.
We believe the power of the tools, better tools, better life. Using YATTICH tools, making your life more convenient and wonderful!



Add: 5030 Boardwalk Drive, Suite 818

City: Colorado Springs

State: CO

Zip Code: 80919

Country: USA

E-mail: contact@yattich.com

Website: http://www.yattich.com

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